The Adventure Trough The Woods

Disclaimer—-there are names to substitute the real names. ( to protect the innocent )

I was called out by Nick ( a friend ) so we can explore the woods near his house with Jose ( another friend ). We had to run because it is really hard getting back home on our bikes. We went into the woods but I found 2 columns with writing on it, when we got there Jose and Nick found a creek and we went there. Jose was a reptile expert and told us that there was a water snake and a water moccasin ( poisonous ) we got at of there really fast! Then all of the sudden I found a bunker, we tried cracking the lock with a mallet. Suddenly, we hear a twig snap right behind us !?!

The Day of The Books

July 14 is our day of the books it is a day where we all read together for 15 minutes – 1 hour. I am the on who invented the day just for our family every one does except my dad because he has work to do. I like the day because I have a time where my annoying sister doesn’t disturb me while I am reading!

Last Day Of 5th Grade

At last 5th grade is done and now we are moving on to 6th grade! Can’t you believe it! I said to my friend but it was also sad seeing my favorite teachers go away.

———————————————————————couple min. later——————————————————————The day was better by the seconds at what freedom we have at the party. First was the cake walk ( where you can win cake ), second came the water slide ( inflatable but still awesome ), then comes at all the snacks we can get( there’s popcorn( butter ), cotton candy( pink ), and snow cones ( 3 different flavors ) ). Last, we have the freedom to go anywhere around the school but can’t disturb the other grades. I wish I could visit that time again.

The Mysterious Chocolate Chunk

On some day of August a mysterious chunk of chocolate appeared in front of my door saying happy birthday. I wondered who it came from then write after that my mom comes fro “shopping” . So I decided to investigate. I stared from tomorrow  right after devouring the chocolate. Then I hear my mom talking about the chocolate about how she got it and blah blah blah. Aha! I say after that and I said ” IT WAS YOU!”

Class Mission Statement

Writing the class mission statement was really easy and was the best because we had to use a little from each mission statement and that is why writing our class mission statement was easy. I think we needed to write our class mission statement so we have a saying to go by every day. The way our class mission statement will change our class by how we think each other, and the way we act. I think working with a partner made it more fun to write the mission statement because we joke around and “fight” so we can get our phrase into the mission statement. The revise was the hardest because everyone had great idea’s.

As block 3/7 strikes, we walk in with confidence.

Whenever we set goals, we never give up.We shall guide our own path, be it on paper or in the classroom.Let’s explore and make mistakes, and together we’ll become connected in friendship.

We embrace the opportunity of our education. We are here because we have the freedom to learn. In this creative class, we are allowed to be messy, different,

and make unique decisions!We have the power to write our own story.We can inspire others or express ourselves, because WE MATTER!


It’s Monday what are you reading?

I am reading Michael Vey,The Fall Hades is a book about Michael Vey the main character who…..

I highly recommend this book but this is the 6th book of a 7 book series.




You Little Rebel

OLW for the new year!

OLW stands for One Little Word Of The Year.

So my word is lionhearted, stands for brave and determined. To me, my OWL stands for, to be brave and to stay strong. Three synonyms are brave,bold, and daring.Three antonyms are fearful,scared, and petrified . I choose this word because it sounds nice and means something great.


It’s Monday what are you reading! I am currently reading The Real Boy ( it is not in a series ) by the author of breadcrumbs Anne Ursu. In my words I think it’s a engaging fable about what happens to people who reject how life is. So it’s like a book fantasy book!

And here’s the sneak peek: On an island on the edge of an immense sea there is a city, a forest and a boy. The city is Asteri, a perfect city saved by magic…